Freedom through education

Education can benefit individuals and our society at large. Access to education at an early age goes
a long way in accelerating a nation’s progress. Simply put, education can free us from our limitations and
open up amazing new possibilities. Advaith Foundation was started keeping this promise in mind.

Advaith’s HISTORY

Born out of the conviction that quality education is the cornerstone of all developmental progress in society, Advaith Foundation was formed to promote philanthropic ventures in the field of education and research.


How Ankur makes

Ankur is a thoroughly planned program and great effort goes into its execution to ensure a seamless experience for the children.


We look at the all-round development of the child..

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Ankur serves as a dependable anchor for the children..

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Pavithra Kowdle Sheshadri Special Ed Teacher,
The Samhita Academy

I feel Extremely privileged, to be a part of this extended family called Advaith foundation.

Shobha Nair Resident Teacher,
The Samhita Academy

Working with Ankur children has given me a great experience and has helped me grow personally.

Jennifer S.Gomes Sr Boarding In charge

It is the platform that provides me an opportunity to venture into my passion of working for children.

Mandakini Rajesh Boarding In charge

Ankur is a place where we have got a blessing for the Supreme Power to do the service.

Sunitha Peter Boarding In charge

Ankur has become my attitude, my way of life.

Mr. Juan de Dios Salgado,Mexico

What I like also about Ankur is that I found children with high potential, which speaks about how they have been brought up here.

Ms.Elisabeth Strasser ,Austria

I had the opportunity to spend 6 amazing weeks at your lovely project and I enjoyed every single second of it.

Ms.Shalini Pammal,USA

The children here are incredibly bright, sunny and sweet.I really appreciate the opportunity given to children to play and to learn.

Benjamin Roesch,Germany

To me Ankur is like a family where the children and teacher all live together and a strong bond is formed between child and the teacher.

Tilman Elling,Germany

Everyone is respectful at Ankur and there is positive energy in the community which I have seldom felt anywhere else.

Tom Wetzel.Germany

The liveliness of the campus is very refreshing and energetic.I appreciate Ankur a lot.


(As on Sep 2016)

Initially, Ankur functioned through individual homes in the city, each with 10-12 children and a house-mother. Between 2005 and 2008, we grew from one such home to three; and in 2009 July, we moved to hostels in our own campus, off Bannerghatta Road – a joyful day for Ankur!



Ankur is always happy to have volunteers who can contribute to Ankur by spending time with the children for various activities.

Transform the lives of poor
children into lives filled with
health, happiness, promise
and achievement.